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Empowering businesses with superior branding & design strategies.

We are an award-winning design, and brand identity agency based in Toronto that specializes in transforming service-based businesses, to create powerful brands, so that they can command attention and drive results.

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Elevate your business to the next level in 90 days.

Is your brand feeling outdated and not resonating with your target audience? Are you looking to reach a new market segment with a fresh offering? Instead of seeing these challenges as obstacles, we see them as opportunities to strengthen your brand and drive long-term value for your business.

At our branding and design agency, we have helped service-based businesses increase their leads by 50%, by creating a unique and compelling brand identity & messaging that effectively communicates what they do, who they do it for, and how their unique services expertise sets them apart from their competitors. 


We will work on everything from your brand positioning, to your logo and identity design, website design, marketing materials, and social media content. We will create a comprehensive brand that attracts clients willing to pay a premium for your services.

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Clien Testimonials

Our clients have nothing but good things to say about our services ...


Sally Hogshead
New York Times bestselling author, Hall of Fame Speaker, CEO & Founder of 'How to Fascinate'.

Global Brand Guru, USA

"First, I’ll share a confession… After a decade as an advertising creative director leading some of the world’s coolest brands, I’m hard to impress. I've worked with numerous designers & branding experts in the past who failed to deliver what they promised. Yet working with Denny and the Rayvn team has been an absolute delight. Denny is an attentive listener, fiercely responsive, and savvy with fickle digital marketing trends. Our teams worked closely to transform ideas into a gorgeous portfolio of images and digital content, for social media and presentations. We're thrilled with the results!”

Want to work with our Toronto branding agency?

Here's our branding & design process ...

Step 1:



This is a 2 hour deep-dive interview where we will get to know everything about your business - where you are, where you've been, and where you want to go. We will ask you a series of questions where we will get to know all about your customers, your competitors, your industry niche, and your long term goals for your business. 

Step 2:



Our branding firm will take a week to go through all the material that we've gathered in Step 1. We will do our own research,  and validate our findings. We will then get back to you with a brand strategy to attain your business goals. This direction will include a unique brand positioning for your business, 3 taglines,  3 look and feel mood-board options, and voice & tone that your business needs to communicate to appeal to your ideal audience. 

Step 3:



Once you pick a mood board direction, we will create 3 logo design options that appeal to your ideal audience. On finalizing the logo, we will put together a brand guide, that shows the logo variations, primary & secondary typeface, color palette, We will then commence with the design & development of the website, social media content templates, and other marketing collaterals. 

Click here to view our full branding & design process.

Choose a design package that works for you:

Logo & Visual Identity

  1. Logo Design

  2. Brand Colors

  3. Brand Fonts

  4. Brand Patterns + Icons + Imagery

  5. Social Media Kit

  6. Website Homepage Mockup

  7. Brand Style Guide

USD $5,000

Paid upfront

Timeline: 3 to 4 weeks

Startup Branding Package

  1. Mini Brand Strategy

  2. Logo Design

  3. Brand Colors

  4. Brand Fonts

  5. Brand Patterns + Icons + Imagery

  6. Social Media Kit

  7. Brand Messaging

  8. Simple Website Design + Development

  9. Brand Style Guide

USD $10,000

Subscription: US $5,000/mo

2 month subscription.
Pause or cancel anytime.

Pro Branding Package

  1. Complete Brand Strategy

  2. Logo Design

  3. Brand Colors

  4. Brand Fonts

  5. Brand Patterns + Icons + Imagery

  6. Social Media Kit

  7. Brand Messaging

  8. Full Website Design + Development

  9. Brand Collaterals (TBD)

  10. Marketing Collaterals (TBD)

  11. Brand Style Guide

USD $30,000

Subscription: US $10,000/mo

3 month subscription.
Pause or cancel anytime.

We are a minority-owned design agency. Our team includes strategists, designers, developers, content creators, and social media experts. We're really good at taking complicated problems and distilling it into simple and logical solutions.

We operate on a subscription-basis, that allows our clients to scale up or down our services, based on their business needs.

About Us

Meet the Creative Director & Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Denny Kurien, and I co-founded Rayvn Design with my wife back in 2018 with the purpose of helping small businesses with big ideas succeed.


I’ve worked in the visual communication industry for close to 20 years. During that time, I've worked with large iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Sony, Marriott, and Molson-Coors. Yet to this day, I get the most pleasure from empowering small business owners to create extraordinary brands, that attract high paying clients. I believe that all small businesses can achieve mighty things when they have the courage to be brave and stand out,

I'm an active member of the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers Association), and have taught graphic design at Humber College.

Follow me, on social media:

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Every brand has a personality on how it should look, act, and sound like in order to appeal to it's ideal customers. Take the first step towards improving your brand appeal and brand equity by discovering your brand's personality.

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Learn how to create a strong brand online for your consulting business that will attract clients willing to pay a premium for your knowledge &  expertise. This free 50 page e-book, lays out the framework we use to brand our clients, so that they can convert their expertise into profit.

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