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Beauty & Wellness


Toronto, Canada

Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Package Design

  • Marketing Collaterals

The Challenge:

PameCare, a personal care & wellness product line, came to us to do a brand refresh. Their current look felt clinical and didn't match their vision. They wanted to appeal to a more discerning audience who valued the aromatic and skincare qualities of their products. With the founder's Greek heritage, we had a chance to infuse mythology into the brand. The goal was to change PameCare's image, telling a compelling story and creating an identity that resonated with their organic products.

The Solution:

Our team used the legendary figure, Prometheus as a central theme. Prometheus, the Greek Titan, who brought fire to humanity, symbolized empowerment and enlightenment, aligning perfectly with PameCare's mission of empowering through aromatherapy. The color green alluded to the natural and organic ingredients in their products. PameCare's new premium image in the wellness market inspired people to embrace their inner radiance and experience the benefits of their products.

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