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Chicago, IL, USA

Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design & Development

  • Digital Marketing Collaterals


The Challenge:

BlockCellar is a blockchain-enabled platform for investment-grade wine and spirits that faced the challenge of refining and visually representing its brand. Even with its technological edge, the brand needed to establish a strong and relatable identity to connect with a very discerning audience of premium wine collectors. The challenge was to create a brand that embodied expertise, approachability, and innovation.

The Solution:

We combined the brand's technological prowess with a human touch, positioning BlockCellar as a knowledgeable, approachable, and forward-thinking platform. We used a very restrained and neutral color palette, to make sure that that the physical-backed tokens that represented these investment-grade wines and spirits were stars of the platform. The token designs needed to be adaptable for both wine & spirits that did not have pictures of the bottle. BlockCellar's branding and design journey demonstrates the power of strategic alignment between brand essence and audience needs.

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