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Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • Package Design

  • Social Media

The Challenge:

Ziollo, innovators in RV roof care with their range of silicone sealants, tapes, and caulking, faced the challenge of distinguishing themselves in a highly competitive online market. They needed to capture the attention of RV owners – a group deeply invested in the care and longevity of their trailers and motorhomes.

The Solution:

We delved into the lives of our free-spirited, adventure-loving RV community, discovering their nostalgia and desire for quality experiences. This led to the creation of "Make the Good Times Roll," a brand story emphasizing worry-free adventures, allowing RV owners to focus on joy rather than maintenance.

Visually, we chose a sunny, retro color palette and redesigned the logo to resemble RV tracks, symbolizing freedom and new adventures. This identity was consistently applied across all platforms, enhancing Ziollo’s online presence with bold colors and engaging imagery.

The outcome is a vibrant brand identity that not only stands out but deeply resonates with RV enthusiasts, turning them from customers into brand advocates eager to embark on their next adventure with Ziollo.

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