Spirits Canada


Alcoholic Beverages


Toronto, Ontario

Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • Corporate Stationary 

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Social Media Content

The Challenge:

Founded in 1947, Spirits Canada is a national trade organization that represents the distilled spirits industry in Canada. They came to us to do a brand identity design refresh, as they felt their current branding was in dire need of modernization, in order to resonate better with the current marketplace. Their old logo also had a martini glass featured in it, where as historically, their mainstay has always been Canadian rye whisky. We were tasked to create a premium brand for Spirits Canada that paid respect to it's cultural heritage and legacy.

The Solution:

We discovered that Canada has been making rye whisky before the country became a country. In fact, for over two centuries distillers have been transforming grain grown by Canadian farmers into one of the country’s highest valued products. To show this through iconography, we integrated the copper whisky still, the bottle, the tumbler, as well the rye grains into the logo. We paired that with an elegant & customized typeface, and a refined colour palette that gave the brand a very distinguished look.