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Normand PLLC.




Orlando, Florida

Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design & Development

  • Social Media Content Creation


The Challenge:

Normand PLLC is a law firm based in Orlando, Florida that specializes in high-profile class-action lawsuits. Ed Normand, the Founder, came to us wanting a brand refresh, as his current brand was a bit staid, and not getting the attention it deserved.

The Solution:

During our Brand Discovery & Strategy session, we found out that what they are really good at is winning class-action lawsuits against large conglomerates. We also learned that their primary target audience are judges and other referring lawyers. The brand archetype for Normand PLLC. was that of “The Ruler & The Maverick Entrepreneur” - so we positioned them as bold & fearless experts who go after large class action lawsuits, and wins. The bold logotype we created in combination with black and orange color-palette, made the Normand brand striking and hard to ignore.

Website Design Award:

The website we designed, and developed with the aid of our partners at ultramodern, has been nominated for the following prestigious awards:

Webby Awards badge.png
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Ed Normand
Founder & Senior Attorney,
Normand PLLC. Law Firm
Read Full-Review on

"Denny & his Rayvns have a way of understanding and evolving the vision you have in mind and show you something that completely exceeds your expectations. We got 20x return from the clarity we gained from our new brand positioning. They have made us feel as good as we want to
look! What started out as a logo design project turned into a full
branding exercise simply because it was easy to trust their collective
strategy and direction. Our new brand is bold & timeless, and will
serve us well in years to come. I highly recommend them”

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