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Information Technology


Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan

Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Brochure

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Collaterals

The Challenge:

Futuretec, a prominent IT firm in the Middle East, wanted to update their brand to match their new direction. They aimed to show their expertise in cloud solutions and cyber-security services in the GCC countries, while avoiding the usual cold and clichéd look of tech companies. They wanted a fresh image that highlighted the human side of their innovations, moving away from generic "Minority Report" visuals.

The Solution:

We embraced Futuretec's challenge by revamping their brand to reflect their vision and values. Our solution focused on portraying them as a modern and people-focused IT company. We used vibrant colors, powerful photos of their team, and a strong narrative to create an identity that stands out. This approach highlighted the people driving their technology, making Futuretec a confident and customer-centered firm ready for success in the dynamic Middle Eastern market.

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