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How a Brand Refresh Can Revitalize Your Business

As the years go by, consumer trends and people’s tastes change, forcing the need to occasionally update your brand to remain competitive. That’s why many choose to hire a brand strategy firm that can give your brand a new look and help you remain on the cutting edge.

Here the brand refresh experts from Ravyn Design have collected some of the foremost ways updating your brand can help revitalize your business.

What Exactly is a Brand Refresh?

When you hire a brand strategy firm to revitalize your brand, they’ll help you reimagine your company’s look and feel to create a new, attractive face for your brand. It may only take a few small tweaks here and there or perhaps a total overhaul. Brand refresh services are all about making your company resonate with today’s current consumers. It’s most often centered on redesigning your visual identity, and perhaps updating your brand’s messaging, marketing, and products/services.

How Are Brand Refreshes and Rebranding Services Different?

Although often used interchangeably, there are some key differences between a brand refresh and rebranding services. If you’re unsure of precisely what type of branding solutions are right for you, we break down both of them here.

Brand Refresh

Marketing agencies and companies perform brand refreshes to ensure a company is keeping up with current trends in their industry or marketplace. By breathing new life into a brand and reinviting its look, it’s easy to gain a competitive edge. However, brand refreshes aren’t always easy and often can require a number of tactics, such as redefining your corporate narrative, redesigning your logo, creating new content to share on social media channels, and doing away with outdated components.

The most notable difference between a brand refresh and rebranding is that the former can’t solve major issues like broken brand architecture, fundamental shifts in your company’s corporate culture or direction, or internal issues and a negative perception of your company.


Unlike a brand refresh, a rebrand is a total repositioning of your company from the ground up. For enterprises struggling with internal issues, problems with public perception, PR issues, or other systemic problems, a rebrand is a must. It’s important to keep a positive outlook during the rebranding process and emphasize that you’re abandoning all of the drawbacks of your brand to bring it to its full potential. If you feel your brand is no longer sustainable in its current state or you’re losing valuable assets, a rebrand will be necessary.

When you revitalize your company with a rebrand, it demonstrates to your target market and audience that you’re coming out with a better, new strategy and clearing a positive path for the future. Of course, rebranding can be more costly and time-consuming, but for companies that truly need them, it’s worth the investment. You’ll be able to shake off negative associations and perceptions about your brand and put a new plan in place to help you thrive.

Why is Refreshing Your Brand so Important?

As mentioned above, a brand refresh can help you keep up with current trends in the marketplace and remain a competitor in a world where consumers are constantly changing their tastes. However, there are some measurable results when it comes to brand refreshes such as:

Increasing Sales: Brand refreshes will lead to an increase in sales because it keeps you current and also attracts the attention of new customers as well. As was the case with our client, Normand PLLC - a law firm based in Orlando, Florida. After we did their brand refresh, they were able to put a stake in the ground as the preeminent law firm that specialized in class-action lawsuits. This bold brand refresh, resulted in 20x the inquiries to their website, and demand for their niche services.


Developing a Buzz: You can easily become the brand that everyone’s talking about by refreshing your brand. Doing so creates a buzz by giving your customers something to talk about. A new look and tagline can attract a lot of attention. As was the case with our client Dr. Peyo - a Spanish Cosmetic Orthodontist, that we did a brand refresh for. We created a premium brand for his Invisalign & lip augmentation services, that targeted celebrities, socialites, and social media influencers to give them the perfect simile.


Customer Retention: Refreshing your brand demonstrates to current customers that keeping up to date with consumer trends and audience expectations is important to you. This develops loyalty and trust that’s invaluable to your business. As was the case with Spirits Canada, a 75 year old institution that we did a brand refresh. We modernized the brand for a newer, younger, and more discerning demographic of consumers of distilled spirits, while still staying true to it's heritage.


Boosting Prices: Often after a brand refresh and influx of customers, you can charge a little bit more for your products and services. After all, customers always pay a little extra for a luxury brand with a premium look. As was the case with out client Legacy Life Project. We were able to elevate a video production studio into a premium service provider of creating mini-documentaries for corporations to tell their founder's story and preserve their legacy. As a result, they were able to charge a premium price.


Attracting the Right Talent: Brand refreshing can also help you attract some of the best talent. An attractive, innovative brand will make people not only want to come work for you, but also stay on the team as long as possible. As was the case with urbanMetrics Inc. A real-estate strategy and urban planning firm in Toronto. We took a tired brand, and modernized it, and gave them a positioning in the industry that differentiated them from their competition. As a result, their team grew in size, attracting Toronto's top talent.

When Should I Do a Brand Refresh?

Determining when to undertake a brand refresh depends upon several factors including the last time you did one, your goals and expectations for the future, your place in the industry, and changes in the marketplace. Consumer products and retail stores often perform brand refreshes more frequently because tastes in these industries are frequently changing, whereas B2B businesses might not need to refresh their brands as often.

Contact our brand strategy firm today for brand refresh and rebranding solutions!

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