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5 Reasons why it Might Be Time for Rebranding

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

For many businesses and digital marketers, a rebranding can seem a little overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. You don’t need to completely ditch your branding strategy, the whole idea is to find out what’s working, and what’s not, and tweak it for the best results.

That’s why Ravyn Design, one of Toronto’s top branding agencies, has put together 5 reasons why it might be time to give your brand a facelift.

1. You Don’t Stand Apart from Competitors

One of the signs that it’s time for a rebranding is when you don’t stand out from competitors in your industry, and your brand looks like every other one out there. Take the above example of Normand PLLC. a law firm, based in Orlando, Florida. They came to us for re-branding, because they were looking like every other law firm out there. They had resorted to using stock photography of the usual leather-bound books on wooden tables with courtroom mallets. However, when we did their brand discovery, we found out that they were anything but traditional. They were exceptionally good at winning class action lawsuits against large conglomerates. We positioned them as the fearless experts who would go after large class action lawsuits, and win. The bold logotype we created in combination with black and orange color-palette, made the Normand brand striking and hard to ignore.

Over the years, many brands, regardless of industry, can adopt the look of competitors almost subconsciously, even sometimes using things like the same color palette. Additionally, rebranding, if not done by a top branding agency, can even make you appear less distinct when compared to competitors unless you work with an expert that provides you with something that’s authentic, unique, and innovative.

2. Your Brand is Outdated & in need of Modernization

If you haven’t updated your brand or website in years, it’s likely outdated by industry standards, which could be costing you clients and leads. Since the digital world is evolving so quickly, remaining on top of such things can easily fall by the wayside. Take the example of Spirits Canada, a 75 year old trade organization that represents the distilled spirits industry in Canada. Their old logo had a martini glass featured in it, where as historically, their mainstay has always been Canadian rye whisky. We were tasked to create a premium brand for Spirits Canada that paid respect to it's cultural heritage and legacy. That's why it's essential to dig into your company's history, and perform a comprehensive audience research prior to rebranding your company and revamping your website.

3. Your Company is Growing

Another common reason many invest in rebranding services is when their company is growing, or it’s extended its product or service offerings. If your company is currently expanding or hasn’t undergone any rebranding since its inception, you may want to ensure that the services and products you offer are reflected in your current branding strategy and if not, update it. Such as was the case with urbanMetrics Inc, an urban planning & real-estate strategy firm that we helped re-brand.

4. You Want to Reach a New Audience

If you want to target a new audience or are planning a retargeting campaign, adjusting your branding accordingly is essential to gaining the most returns. This is when the help of experts can be especially useful, as it’s key not to do anything to alienate your current customer base. Such was the case with Legacy Life Project. They were in the business of creating family legacy videos that would serve as a memento for loved ones. They came to us to rebrand in order to appeal to a more premium clientele. We elevated their positioning from just creating "family home videos" to "mini-documentaries that celebrated life stories". We recommended that they increase their prices, and expand their offering to include corporate legacy videos & professional biography videos to attract that higher echelon of clientele. Their new brand identity design incorporated a bespoke typeface, and an elegantly crafted logo, and colour combination that gave them that premium look & feel. The idea is to enhance your brand’s identity to further include a new audience while still retaining the brand loyalty that’s led to your success.

5. Your Business has Merged

If your enterprise has recently merged with another company or acquired new assets, performing a careful rebrand is important. This is because you’re combining two existing companies that might offer different services into one, and your branding strategy needs to reflect that. This will require some subtlety and innovative thinking on the part of branding professionals like us to be successful.

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