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Incorporating Your Brand Identity into your Website Design

When it comes to staying consistent with your branding strategy and getting the most out of your marketing ROI, one of the best ways is to incorporate your branding identity into your website design. But how do you do so subtly and effectively? Here the corporate identity design experts from Ravyn Design have some important considerations for you!

What Exactly Does “Brand Personality” Mean?

Before getting too in-depth, understanding what your brand personality is and how it works is key. Corporate identity designers will tell you that your brand personality is how you attribute human characteristics to your overall brand across all channels (website design, logo design, marketing, etc.) that come into contact with consumers. This helps forge a personal connection with customers, so determining how you want your brand’s personality to be portrayed is key. Often, there are some main categories that a brand personality will fall under such as rugged, sophisticated, competent, exciting, and sincere.

Tips for Developing Your Brand Personality

When developing your brand personality, it’s important to consider who you are as a company and your ideal consumer personas, as well as take into account the competition in your chosen marketplace. Take our Brand Personality Quiz to get some clarity, After doing so, choose some of the adjectives that best describe your brand’s personality, then implement these across all of your channels and product packaging to remain consistent with your messaging.

Incorporating Your Brand Personality into Your Website Design

When incorporating your brand personality into the website design, there are some primary considerations to make including:


Whether it’s your logo design or website, color plays a big part in portraying the brand personality you’ve chosen. There’s a certain role psychology plays in color choice. For example, a more aggressive or rugged brand might want to choose eye-catching colors like red, a more eco-friendly brand, greens, browns, and more natural colors.


The font you choose for your website can also portray who you are as a brand. For more classic brands, choosing a more subtle and recognizable font is often best. For trendier, newer brands trying to do something different, a more eye-catching and unique font can portray your brand as being on the cutting edge.


Your website copy should directly reflect your brand’s vision and values. Anything you include, from your logo to any mission statement should be in line with your branding personality.

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