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5 Critical Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you want to start a new brand from scratch or upgrade your existing brand, you might be wondering where to start and what the process is like. As a leading Toronto branding agency, the team from Ravyn Design has helped many businesses create premium brands that attract their ideal clients.

That’s why we’ve listed some of the big five branding mistakes for you to avoid here!

1. Not Having a Clearly-Defined Branding Strategy

One of the very first things any new or existing brand should do is have a clear branding strategy in place from day one. This enables your company to show potential customers and current consumers who you are when interacting online, whether it be via your website or social media channels. Always keep your target audience in mind when creating a branding strategy and clearly define their interests, how you can help them, as well as what your brand stands for and the messaging stance you want to take.

2. Not Investigating the Competition

To rise above the rest, your brand needs a clear idea of the competition it’s facing. At the primary stages of developing your branding strategy, putting significant time into competitor research is key. By performing the proper research you can gain insight into where particular competitors stand in the marketplace, in addition to discovering common industry trends, market gaps, and more!

3. Failing to Set Yourself Apart

When developing a brand, you need to differentiate yours from the others in the industry ASAP! This means not blending into the background. The right branding agency in Toronto will have all of the best tools at its disposal to create eye-catching logo designs, taglines through the use of unique fonts and typography, as well as creative website designs & social media content. These are the type of things that set an iconic brand apart from the rest of the competition.

4. Not Being Consistent

As consumers, we like to know what we’re getting and feel that we’ll be patronizing businesses that always offer the best, most consistent quality. That’s why consistency when it comes to branding is particularly important. In addition to creating clear brand guidelines, you also need to define your brand identity and ensure your message is consistent across the board, whether it be via blogging or social media. This means copywriters and graphic designers will need style guides to work with that have a clearly designed style and accurate, up-to-date messaging.

5. Disregarding Customer Experience

It’s your customers that are going to keep your business afloat and help it grow, so you need to establish a way they can communicate with you and offer feedback about the goods/services you provide. This will help you receive critical feedback that you can use to solve customer pain points and make your brand even better. Addressing complaints and resolving issues is another important aspect of maintaining a thriving brand that should never be overlooked.

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