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Taylor Brooks Real Estate  Group




New York

Our Role:

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Marketing Collateral Design

  • Social Media Content Design

The Challenge:
Taylor Brooks wanted his brand to specialize in selling high-end luxury real-estate properties in Manhattan, New York. He also wanted to combine 3 different companies (real estate developing, brokerage and investing) under one brand name to make sure that people recognize them within their scope of services and offers. 

The Solution:

Taylor Brooks Real-Estate Group combined Real-Estate Development, Real-Estate Agency, and Real-Estate Investing all into one. Taylor became the face of his company, and we treated it like his personal brand. On social media, he shared his advise and expertise on the market and various luxury properties that were up for sale. Unlike a typical real-estate agency, all the images he put out were black & white - combined with a rich brown typography, that gave his brand a very distinct, sophisticated, & pristine look. Marketing that Educates does much better than Marketing that Sells.  

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