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Why Corporate Identity Should Be Your Next Investment

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Why Corporate Identity Should Be Your Next Investment

Today, a company's identity is more than just a logo and a tagline; it's a powerful asset that can significantly impact its success. Yet, many organizations underestimate the significance of a well-defined corporate identity, often overlooking it in favour of more immediate marketing endeavours. Ravyn Design, a corporate identity design agency, goes over what you should know about corporate identity in this blog post.

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is different from brand identity. Brand identity entails various aspects, such as:

· Defining the logo or logotype.

· Establishing the colour palette.

· Specifying the appropriate tone of voice.

· Enunciating the core values.

· Selecting appropriate imagery.

· Identifying the preferred fonts.

· Determining the size, spacing, and application guidelines for all the above elements.

Corporate identity guidelines provide instructions on implementing these brand guidelines and may encompass some of the following:

· Logo design

· Templates for letterheads, business cards, envelopes, and internal communication materials like email footers, MS Word, and PowerPoint templates

· Guidelines for internal communications, including newsletters, intranet, and noticeboards

· Directions for internal and external signage

· Guidance on uniforms and vehicle branding

The Importance of Corporate Identity Guidelines

Having a well-structured Corporate Identity holds significant importance for various reasons, with the most apparent being the establishment and upkeep of a consistent brand image. As time passes, only a handful of companies continue to collaborate with the agency that initially crafted their brand. Those fortunate enough to do so recognize the valuable brand stewardship these agencies provide in their daily communications.

When to Create Corporate Identity Guidelines

Your branding agency should produce the brand guideline document either upon completion of your branding or rebranding project or as they work through it. While it may appear that the logo or corporate stationery holds greater significance as an outcome of the branding process, the guidelines should consistently take precedence as your primary deliverable.

If you rush ahead and begin crafting communications before obtaining clear directives on how to implement your new brand, you're essentially squandering resources. These materials won't accurately represent your brand and, consequently, won't capture the essence of all the effort your company has put into its creation.

It’s Never Too Late to Create a Corporate Identity

There is never an inopportune moment to commence clear and impactful brand communication. If you've recognized indicators that your brand is being inconsistently communicated and your diverse audiences aren't grasping your brand's essence, there's an opportunity.

Numerous companies might be troubled by the notion that their brand fails to mirror their fundamental values and messaging, or, even worse, transmits incorrect messages to inappropriate target groups.

Taking no action not only exacerbates the situation but also results in a substantial portion of your marketing budget being allocated to conveying the wrong message to only a fraction of your audience!

Schedule a Consultation with Our Corporate Identity Design Agency Today!

To maintain a strong corporate identity for your brand, hire the unparalleled skills of our Ravyn Design team. Schedule a consultation with our agency today.

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