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Why Branded Packaging is Essential for Your Business

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

From the prototyping and design of your product to ensuring it’s of the highest quality, a lot goes into establishing your brand. That’s why branded packaging is so essential, after all, you wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste. The customer journey doesn’t end simply when you make a sale, you also want your brand to stick in the minds of consumers so they’ll recommend it to friends and become repeat customers. This is where luxury branded packaging comes into play.

That’s why Ravyn Design, the leading brand identity agency in Toronto, has collected some important insight for you here!

Consumers Enjoy Unboxing New Products

We all know the feeling of excitement when opening up that new pair of sneakers or another purchase. We all enjoy unboxing new products, and innovative brand packaging plays an important role in the process. The care you take into creating branded packaging for your products will resonate with consumers, especially when they crack open that new package and get to see their new purchase for the first time.

Unboxing Videos Make Great Marketing Tools

These days, one can find unboxing videos all over the web of consumers opening the newest luxury products. Even though you don’t create them, they can serve as valuable marketing tools, getting word about your brand out to a wide range of potential customers on social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram.

Make Your Brand Identity Stand Out

Luxury brand packaging can truly set you apart from the competition. With innovative, eye-catching branded packaging you’ll stand out. Brands that associate themselves with bolder colors and designs can get creative when it comes to packaging, and current and potential customers will know your brand simply based on the packaging of a product.

Branded Packaging Can Be a Part of Your Story

Creating a narrative around your brand is one of the best ways to foster a personal connection with consumers, and you can use branded packaging to further tell your story. You can include text about your company to further personalize your packaging and let consumers know more about why they should continue choosing your products over competitors.

Contact our brand identity agency today for branding insight in Toronto!

To learn more about the branding process, contact Ravyn Design online today to schedule a 15-minute discovery meeting. We also specialize in web design, logo design, and more!


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