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What a Quality Brand Identity Package Includes

What a Quality Brand Identity Package Includes

To make a lasting impact in today's business landscape, it's important to have a comprehensive branding package. This collection of elements comes together to form your company's distinctive style and message. It showcases your promise to customers and highlights what sets your products and services apart.

Here, we at Ravyn Design outline the key elements that make up a quality brand identity package.

A Logo

Your logo plays a pivotal role in your brand identity package, serving as the initial and essential investment. It acts as the face, foundation, and cornerstone of your company, leaving a lasting impression on your customers. It should be uniquely yours and highly memorable. Remember, your logo sets the tone for the rest of your brand assets. Your designer will work with you to finalize and perfect it before moving on to other elements. Getting your logo right from the start ensures a solid foundation for designing complementary assets that align seamlessly with your brand identity.

A Style Guide

Once you have your logo in place, a style guide is the next component that is included in a brand identity package. Also referred to as brand guidelines or branding standards, the style guide ensures consistent usage of your logo across various platforms. This can include brand positioning, logo guidelines, typography, and more. The style guide acts as a roadmap, ensuring that your brand is presented consistently and effectively across all channels.

Business Cards

Although some may consider business card design outdated, it remains a powerful marketing tool in today's digital age. Unlike ad banners that come and go, business cards are tangible and can stay with recipients for a long time. That's why it's important to prioritize a clean and simple structure when working on your business card design. Your designer will focus on creating a visually impactful design that will leave a lasting impression on your clientele.

A Website

Inclusive brand identity packages often have websites, recognizing the significance of a digital storefront. Your website serves as a gateway for your target audience, providing an introduction to your brand in the online realm. To captivate visitors and encourage conversions, a well-designed and customized website is essential. It acts as a powerful tool to keep visitors engaged, leaving a lasting impression and transforming them into loyal customers.

Social Media

Including templates and social media graphics in your brand identity package is a smart move. These resources guarantee consistency in your marketing campaigns across various platforms, maintaining a strong brand identity. Start by identifying the platforms you'll be utilizing and collaborate with your design partner to create templates and other design assets that align seamlessly with your branding.

Ask About Brand Identity Pricing Packages at Ravyn Design

We provide quality brand identity packages for start-ups and corporates, including re-branding packages where we reevaluate your identity, start from scratch, and build your brand image from the ground up.

Get in contact with us today to schedule a consultation about your branding project.


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