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Brand Identity for Startups: 4 Essential Tips

It doesn’t matter what your chosen industry is, coming up with a clear and concise branding strategy from day one will help you remain competitive even if you’re new. At Ravyn Design, we specialize in brand identity for startups and here, we wanted to collect some important things to keep in mind when beginning your branding journey.

1. Make Branding a Priority

Even at the earliest stages of creating a startup, branding should be at the top of your priority list. Although you’ll likely be focused on attracting investors and bringing in revenue, you should define and clarify the aspects of your brand early on. This is because if you don’t have a clear game plan, your brand might begin evolving without your input, and it might not always align with the goals you had in mind. However, prioritizing branding at the outset will help ensure you’re reaching the right target audience and sending out the best message.

2. Clearly Define Brand Influences

What inspired you to start your company in the first place? It’s important to share these influences and align them with your branding strategy to create something that truly sets your brand apart from the competition. Essentially, think of your brand as your company’s personality, and just like human personalities, brands have influences. These influences should be reflected in everything from the name of your brand to the colors you choose for its logo, as well as the narrative you sculpt around your company.

3. Identify the Right Target Audience

The best way to be successful with your startup is by reaching the right audience and ideal consumer personas ASAP. That’s why identifying who will be most attracted to your brand and the type of consumers whose attention you’re trying to capture is key. In some cases, you may attract audience members you hadn’t considered before and these too should be taken into consideration when ironing out your branding strategy. Creating the best brand identity for startups means being holistic and thinking of every possibility when it comes to attracting consumers.

4. Be Objective

It’s tough sometimes to take an outside perspective when starting a company, especially because you’ve already invested so much time and money into your brand. However, being objective about the branding process is important to avoid confusion among audience members and consumers. This means focusing on the buyer’s journey as well as specific product concepts and audience interaction with your marketing and social media channels. Doing so helps avoid misconceptions and develops trust among consumers.

We specialize in brand identity for startups in Toronto

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