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We will map out your entire brand from start to finish, that will attract high-paying clients.


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Schedule a 15 minute consultation with me below ...

In this 15 minute consultation, I'd like to understand a bit more about your business, your objectives, and clear up whatever questions you may have with regards to our branding & design services. We can then see if we are a good fit to work together. Please pick a time that is convenient for you.

Elevate your influence.


2/3 spaces available

By Creating A High-Value Personal Brand in Just 6 Weeks

US $12,000

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Brand and Attract High-Ticket Clients?


Whether you're a coach, author, consultant, or the driving force behind a service-based business or innovative product line, your personal brand is the key to unlocking new heights of success and profitability.

Who is this for?

  • Coaches & Consultants: Transform your wisdom into a brand that speaks volumes.

  • Authors & Thought Leaders: Let your ideas shine and capture the imagination of your audience.

  • Service-Based Professionals: From dentists to interior designers, make your expertise unmistakable.

  • Product Innovators: Elevate your personal authority to amplify your product's reach.

What you will achieve

The results speak for themselves:

IT Project Management Consultant: Clive S.

Before Personal Branding: Clive was a highly skilled IT project management consultant with over two decades of experience in leading complex projects for tech companies. Despite his expertise, he struggled to differentiate himself in a saturated market and relied heavily on referrals and networking events for new business, averaging $75,000 annually with a client base that often haggled over prices.

After Personal Branding: With a revamped personal brand that highlighted his unique approach to IT project management, including a new website, a compelling brand identity, and LinkedIn social media presence, Clive was able to position himself as a thought leader in the IT project management space. Results: Secured a $200,000 contract in the first year after the rebrand. 1900% ROI

Cosmetic Orthodontist: Dr. Peyo

Before Personal Branding: Dr.Peyo ran a successful orthodontic practice in Spain but faced challenges in expanding his client base beyond local referrals. He wanted to attract more high-value clients interested in premium orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, but his online presence didn't reflect the high quality of his services, stabilizing his annual revenue at around €400,000.

After Personal Branding: Post-rebrand, Dr. Peyo's practice was repositioned to highlight his expertise in cutting-edge orthodontic solutions. The new brand identity and website attracted a more affluent clientele seeking top-tier orthodontic services. Client Base Growth: Saw a 30% increase in new patient inquiries, with a significant portion interested in high-ticket treatments. Average Treatment Value: Increased by 40%, with more patients opting for premium services. Annual Revenue: Rose to €600,000 in the year following the rebrand, a 50% increase.


Financial Planner & Advisor: Sarah C.

Before Personal Branding: Sarah was a dedicated financial planner and advisor who needed a strong positioning that would separate her from other financial experts.

After Personal Branding: We transformed Sarah's online presence, aligning her brand identity with her mission to empower women financially. The rebrand included a sophisticated logo, fonts, and color palette, and a revamped website, lead-magnet & social media presence that articulated Sarah's expertise in helping women achieve financial independence and her commitment to personalized financial planning. Client Acquisition: Increased by 200%, attracting women from across the country seeking specialized financial advice. Engagement: Social media engagement rates tripled, with significant increases in followers, shares, and comments, establishing Sarah as a go-to expert in financial planning for women. Recognition: The comprehensive rebrand and strategic marketing efforts culminated in Sarah being named a Forbes Top Wealth Advisor Best-In-State for 2023, a testament to her expertise, brand impact, and the transformative power of her services.

Our process:

1. Discovery

Week 1


1 Hour Interview:

  • Understand your industry + niche

  • Understand your business objectives

  • Pain points & challenges

  • Prioritize goals

  • Identify Top 3 competitors

  • Ideal customer profile

  • Brand personality slider

2. Strategy

Week 2

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Story / Manifesto

  • Brand Values & Persona

  • Taglines x 3

  • Target Customer Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Brand Voice & Tone

  • Brand Look & Feel (3 Mood-boards)

3. Visual Identity

Week 3

  • Logo design

  • Color palette

  • Font family

  • Website Header Mockup

  • Social Media Posts Mockup

  • Brand Identity Guide

4. Development

Week 4 to 6

  • Website landing page 

  • Lead Magnet & Marketing Funnel Development

  • Social Media Content Strategy & Kit in Canva

Our clients have nothing but good things to say about our services ...


Sally Hogshead
New York Times bestselling author, Hall of Fame Speaker, CEO & Founder of 'How to Fascinate'.

"First, I’ll share a confession… After a decade as an advertising creative director leading some of the world’s coolest brands, I’m hard to impress. I've worked with numerous designers & branding experts in the past who failed to deliver what they promised. Yet working with Denny and the Rayvn team has been an absolute delight. Denny is an attentive listener, fiercely responsive, and savvy with fickle digital marketing trends. Our teams worked closely to transform ideas into a gorgeous portfolio of images and digital content, for social media and presentations. We're thrilled with the results!”


Peter Thoma
Founder & President,
urbanMetrics Inc.

"We were very impressed with the hands-on support from Denny, Mary, and the Rayvn Team. During our initial call, they offered a fresh approach supported by a clear proposal and timeline. During the brand discovery session, they took the time to listen all the 5 partners perspectives, understand our goals and challenges, and review the competitive landscape of our industry. They delivered exactly what we wanted - they modernized our company brand, sharpened our messaging, and better positioned our services towards our clients." 


Jim Hobart
Legacy Life Project

"I’m extremely happy with the rebrand of Legacy Life Project.  I liked Rayvn's communication style and professional approach. They told us what they would do, and then they did it. They listened to our ideas and concerns, and implemented changes as needed, while still guiding and adding value at each step. This was the best investment to my brand that I’ve ever made."


Sarah Carlson
Financial Advisor,
Love Money Journal,

“I previously tried to work with local branding consulting firms, but found their processes to be immature. There was also a lack of follow-through on their deliverables. Denny & the Rayvn team were systematic and thoughtful, and exceeded my expectations when it came to delivery. They listened, took my feedback, did their research and help me create something special. They added their own creative spin on ideas & concepts that I had built, and improved every part of my brand. It has been a wonderful experience in creativity & professionalism".

Copy of 03Website_Clients_Clive.png

Clive Sequeira
Founder & CEOm
Centric Solutions Inc.
IT Firm.

"I didn't know what my business's unique positioning was, till after I met with Denny & the Rayvn team. They really helped me hyper-target who I was going after. Once we were done with the Discovery & Strategy Package, it gave me complete clarity & confidence to go ahead with the design & implementation phase of the project. They were extremely professional,  and created a brand for my business that fit me, my company culture, and my vision like a glove. I highly recommend them for any consulting firm who is starting out, and looking for a top branding agency to scale up their business and play in the big leagues."


Ed Normand
Founder & Senior Attorney,
Normand PLLC. Law Firm

"Denny & his Rayvns have a way of understanding and evolving the vision you have in mind and show you something that completely exceeds your expectations. They have made us feel as good as we want to look! What started out as a website design project turned into a full branding exercise simply because it was easy to trust their collective strategy and direction. Our new brand is bold & timeless, and will serve us well in years to come. I highly recommend them”

Want to see if this package is right for you?

To see if this is the right fit, book a quick 15-minute chat with Denny Kurien, our Creative Director at Rayvn. This is your chance to ask any questions and see how we can elevate your brand together. Note: This package is for those who are the face of their business. Book your slot below and let's get started!

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