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Kayan Mashi


Digital Marketing



Our Role:

  • Brand Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Content Design

The Challenge:
Kayan Mashi is a Full Stack Digital Marketer. He wanted us to work on his personal brand, that would position him as the go-to expert in the digital marketing space. The challenge with his brand was that it was extremely technical, that it needed that "human touch" in the way it communicated to prospective clients.

The Solution:

During the brand strategy phase, we discovered that his primary archetype was that of "The Sage" (a brand that seeks the truth and wants to find the wisdom in all situations). His secondary archetype was that of "The Creator" (a visionary brand - one that is non-conformist and authentic). The Creator archetype has the desire to craft something meaningful and special. Think Apple products. His brand was a mixture of intelligence & creativity - and so the Einstein Quote "Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" was apt for his brand.

For a full-stack digital marketer who is savvy on all digital marketing trends, Kayan needed a slick & contemporary brand to match his brains & personality. For his brand identity, we proposed pairing black with an iridescent foil gradient, giving it that bold & sleek look.

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