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How Do Brand Design & Web Design Differ

Although they both have to do with creating a great website that will offer a streamlined user experience and key insight into your brand’s values, brand design and web design have a lot of differences. Here, Ravyn Design, one of Toronto’s leading brand strategy firms, covers the things that make them most distinct!

The Elements of Brand Design

One of the key differences between brand design and web design is that branding has been around for centuries, while web design is still relatively new and only came about with the advent of the internet. Also, branding has an impact both on and off the web and involves everything from your company’s messaging to its logo design and product packaging.

The factors that will impact a company’s brand strategy include aspects such as its target audience, the business’s mission, and its industry. Other key elements of brand design include:

· Photography

· Illustration

· Logos

· Colours

· Patterns

· & Typography

Not only can the above elements be utilized on your company’s website, but also on everything else, like its social media channels and offline marketing campaigns like mailers, flyers, and more.

The Elements of Web Design

To construct your website, you’ll use all of the elements of your brand design to keep things in line with your corporate vision. However, there are some distinct aspects of web design that make it unique, such as logo placement and user experience.

The key elements of web design include:

· Icons

· Imagery

· Forms

· Navigation Structure

· Spacing

· Menus

· Typography

· Colour

One important thing to keep in mind about web design is that it has a two-fold purpose, to both be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, providing potential customers with a pleasing experience that’s informative, while also guiding them through the sales funnel so they can eventually make a purchase.

This means your site should be easy to navigate so customers don’t have to dig around for information about your brand or products, as well as streamlined and not too busy looking. You need to create a subtle balance between the visual elements on each landing page for the best results.

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