Branding for Canadian Blood Cancer Speciality

Client Name:
Canadian MDS Priority Setting Partnership

Our Role:

  • Visual Identity Design

  • Communication

  • Website Design

What we did:
MDS stands for Myelodysplastic-syndrome - it’s a cancer of the blood and bonemarrow failure disorder.  A cancer specialist came to us for a visual identity. The identity needed to be striking enough to get the attention of the various stakeholders, as well as incorporate iconography that is widely used in the industry.

Dr. Grace Christou
Project Lead, Canadian MDS Priority Setting Partnership

The Ravyn design team listened to our project and quickly zeroed in on the important questions to ask to help crystallize our vision. Within a few days they presented us with not one, but two fantastic designs to choose from. What's more? They gifted the design to us as their contribution towards furthering blood cancer research in Canada. Creativity with heart and a social conscience. 

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