Brand Discovery by Denny Kurien

Welcome. The following questionnaire will help me and my  team understand your brand's context and background, from its essence and rationale to its competitive landscape, target audience and personality.


This will help us determine how your business can best serve your customers.

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Project Introduction
Target Audience

Who is going to buy your product/service? Describe one person that would be your main target, try to go as realistic as possible

Academic Background
Annual Income
How do they move aroud?
Where do they work?
Where do they go on vacation?
Competitive Landscape
Brand Values & Personality
Which are the most relevant values for your brand? (please select 5)
Which of the following adjectives, best describe your brand (please select 5)
Is your brand Accessible or Exclusive?Very AccessibleSomewhat AccessibleBoth Accessible & ExclusiveSomewhat ExclusiveVery ExclusiveIs your brand Accessible or Exclusive?
Is your brand serious or playful?Very SeriousSomewhat SeriousBoth Serious & PlayfulSomewhat PlayfulVery PlayfulIs your brand serious or playful?
Is your brand simple or complex?Very SimpleSomewhat SimpleBoth Simple & ComplexSomewhat ComplexVery ComplexIs your brand simple or complex?
Is your brand Steady or DynamicVery SteadySomewhat steadyBoth Steady & DynamicSomewhat DynamicVery DynamicIs your brand Steady or Dynamic
Is your brand friendly or corporate?Very FriendlySomewhat FriendlyBoth Friendly & CorporateSomewhat CorporateVery CorporateIs your brand friendly or corporate?
Is your brand Feminine or MasculineVery FeminineSomewhat FeminineBoth Feminine & MasculineSomewhat MasculineVery MasculineIs your brand Feminine or Masculine
Is your brand traditional or progressive?Very TraditionalSomewhat TraditionalBoth Traditional & ProgressiveSomewhat ProgressiveVery ProgressiveIs your brand traditional or progressive?
Is your brand Natural or UrbanVery NaturalSomewhat NaturalBoth Natural & UrbanBoth Natural & UrbanVery UrbanIs your brand Natural or Urban
Which Pair of Words Best Describes Your Brand?
How would you like your brand to be seen by customers?
Which of the following Needs does your Brand Offer people?
What Colour would you Most associate with the Personality and Outlook for your Brand?
Does your brand focus more on Social Values or Individual Values
Does your brand prefer....
How does your brand, product or service help people?
Compared with your Competitors - What is your brand's main point of difference

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