Brand Positioning for Toronto's Hub for Creative Entrepreneurs

Client Name:
Artscape Daniel's Launchpad

Our Role:

  • Brand Positioning

  • Communication

  • Membership Brochure Design

  • Postcard Design

  • Social Media Videos

What we did:
Artscape is Toronto's newest collaborative space for emerging and established artists, designers, and creators. When they came to us, they already had a logo, but they needed a brand positioning and a communication strategy that supported the new positioning.  Since this was a place where artists could come together to forge a sustainable career, through collaboration and mentorship while furthering the profitability of their art - we came up with the positioning, "Where Creativity Comes To Prosper"

The communication strategy we took was to use the 'slant' graphic element of their logo, to cross out negative stereotypical words associated with artists, to be replaced by more positive ones. So instead of a starving artist, Artscape Launchpad made you into a striving artist.